Βιογραφικό Γιώργου Ιωαννίδη σε διάφορα αρχεία

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WORK: 210-9411139 MOB: 6936-978928














1994 – 1995

South Bank University
MSc in Computer Science
- main subjects: Advanced Databases, Computer Based Information Systems, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Hypermedia, Distributed Systems Software, Research Methods, Object Oriented Tools and techniques, Human Computer Interaction.

1991 – 1994

Lancaster University
BSc in Computer Science
- main subjects included: Databases, Knowledge Based Systems, Computer Architecture, Formal Specification, Networks, Formal Languages, Finite State Models, Information and Coding, Analysis of Algorithms, Data Communications, Software Design, Compilers, Software Specification, Data Structures, Machine Code, Operating Systems, Logic, Physical Systems, Modular Mathematics.

1990 – 1991

Foundation College of Athens, Greece
A Levels
Subjects: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, English.

1984 – 1990

Zirides Lyceum, Athens, Greece
High School
- main subjects included: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry


To continue my successful career, handle large scale projects and excel in my professional and private life.


Oct 2002 – Now

Eurodata Online Ltd Athens
Founder, CEO & Information Technology (IT) Director
Designed and developed numerous innovative internet applications and dynamic websites with backend administration in several markets including:

  • eCommerce websites (e.g. Bistas, Symmetry bookstore, Gold & Diamond, Leonidas Pralines, Euroservice, Mourelatos, Sportsmate, etc)
  • eBanking web based applications (e.g. Piraeus Bank, Eurobank)
  • eBooking and hotel web applications (e.g. Impero, Miramare, Tilemachos)
  • eLearning web platforms (e.g. Solidize, Praxis, Booster video lessons - Greek government used its architecture for their first platform on 2009)
  • eGambling applications for online Casinos. Software online assistant for Craps game and Roulette game.
  • eRealEstate web platforms for real estate brokers (e.g. Monopoly)
  • Domain names services, domains and websites brokerage services, domains and websites appraisals, domains information/technical details and history (e.g. WebsiteMarket).

For marketing, advertising purposes and web promotion:

  • I have implemented the enterprising Search Engine Optimization (SEO) system that consists of 12 sub modules and promotes websites in popular search engines –high rankings for selected keywords-.
  • I have huge experience in online advertising, web promotion, email marketing and SMS marketing. I have consulted customers and used all popular channels, depending on each case, such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, Social Media advertising through Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Moreover I have used all popular email and SMS marketing suites. Furthermore I have developed web applications for visitors' engagement through automated tasks.

I have extensive knowledge in Sports betting industry and I have developed:

  • Online sports betting information services for OPAP shops (dropping odds in PAME STOIXIMA and worldwide, 1X2 and Under/Over money volumes, blocked odds in PAME STOIXIMA and worldwide, press predictions, predictions based on our special algorithm, new matches in PAME STOIXIMA coupon).
  • Sports betting monitoring service finding suspicious football matches.
  • Unique methodology of predicting the outcome in football matches based on odds changes from specific bookmakers around the world.

I love creating small startups that generate passive income and then sell them to foreign investors/funds. I have been cooperating with over 100 investors in the past. A list of startup websites that I have created and sold include 3 sports betting tips websites (BetDirector.com, BetMemo.com, BetWinner.co), EscapeRoomFree.com, MythicCar.com, PopMusicBox.com, WorldSubmarine.com, WordWhizzleTips.com, eBettingSystems.com, OnlineHealth.eu, myDating.co, Incredible.Photos, Royalty.Photos.

I'm a digital payments expert since I have used all popular payment solutions and APIs (can compare integration, features and fees) for eCommerce websites and applications including Greek Banks APIs, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, VivaWallet, Payeer, Payoneer, Paysafecard, Gumroad, Paysera, Paddle, Payza, and many more.

I have implemented applications for market analysis and perspectives of various Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) and Crypto Trading.

Other significant projects I have developed include:

  • Schedule/timeshift web based system for National Road Construction Fund S.A.
  • Interactive painting system for Durostick S.A.
  • Web applications using YouTube and Google Maps APIs.
  • Text to speech web applications.
  • Web to SMS applications.
  • Query Analyzer (Query Builder, Query Reporter, related to top 10)

Some other customers' content websites that I have developed are:

Victoria's Secret, Amarla, Visvikis Barlou, Duroflex, Mediterranean Diet Center, ISO Consulting, Kitko, Moschato Business Directory, Leventis, Ouranio Toxo, Kostouros, Patestos, Vega, Envirotek, Anemotia.

Mar 2018 – Now

KETAZO P.C. Athens
Co-founder, Information Technology (IT) Director
Designed and developed the innovative marketplace of online services (www.ketazo.com), where people have the opportunity to reduce their expenses and generate a significant income.

Feb 2010 – Feb 2012

Project Manager & Senior Software Engineer
Designed and developed the web based platform of AroTRON's collections and recoveries management, covering all stages of the arrears lifecycle with deployments in some of the largest Banks, Financial institutions, and Legal firms in Europe and the Middle East. The web based platform offers fully integrated experience with leading Automated Dialing Platforms.

Feb 2009 – Sep 2009

Project Manager & Senior Software Engineer

  • Developed Etoloakarnania's prefecture online messages to digital panels system.
  • Developed Aegina's KTEL buses current location web monitoring service and SMS service (send SMS and receive text message in how many minutes the bus will arrive at a specific busstop).

Sep 2000 – Feb 2003

Galaxynet S.A. Athens
Senior Software Engineer
Developed Galaxynet's portal, e-shopping.gr commerce site, Athens Stocks Exchange realtime online platform.

Jan 2000 – Sep 2002

Hellas On Line (HOL) S.A. Athens
Information Technology Specialist, Technical Coordinator of the Development Department in Hypertech (June 2000-Jan 2001, HOL acquired Hypertech)

  • Technical Coordinator for large e-commerce projects and internet applications.
  • Developed leading e-commerce modules.
  • Created batch operations (i.e. moving data from testing platform to official one, products online availability, etc).
  • Developed e-marketing tools (i.e. auditing of users' clicks through for every page of the site, scheduling massive email sending with templates).
  • Developed query builder (i.e. easy web interface to non technical users for creating sql queries) and many more.

Apr 1998 – Jan 2000

HellasNet S.A. Athens
Senior Software Engineer (Project Manager, Databases Administrator, Web Developer)
Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager for various e-commerce websites, e-banking projects and dynamic websites.

Sep 1997 - Mar 1998

Infogrow Ltd Athens
Software Engineer (Databases Administrator, Web Developer)
Designed and developed Infogrow's corporate website and Teller website.


June 1995

8th Conference on writing and computers, IOE London

Writing on the Web

Dr Fintan Culwin and Mr George Ioannidis


Attended various seminars including Introduction to ASP.Net, Microsoft BizTalk, XML, SOAP, Business on the Web with Oracle, Oracle Administration.


Specialist on Internet Security issues.


Driving License


I enjoy sports such as football, basketball, tennis and sailing.
Favorite non-physical interests include listening to music, cryptography and playing chess.

Γιατί να με επιλέξετε

Πολυετής εμπειρία, γνώση και εξειδίκευση

Διαθέτω τεράστια εμπειρία, πλέον των 25 ετών, έχοντας αναπτύξει μεγάλα πληρφοριακά έργα για λογαριασμό κορυφαίων εταιρείων πληροφορικής όπως η HellasNet, η Hellas On Line (HOL), η AMCO και η Cententia.

Ποικιλία Εφαρμογών και Τεχνολογιών

Έχω αναλάβει το σχεδιασμό, την ανάπτυξη, τη διαφήμιση/προώθηση websites και ίντερνετ εφαρμογών σε πολλούς τομείς, με χρήση ποικίλων τεχνολογιών, ανεξαρτήτως πολυπλοκότητας και διασύνδεσης με άλλα πληροφοριακά συστήματα.

Συγκεκριμένα, έχω σχεδιάσει και κατασκευάσει websites ηλεκτρονικού εμπορίου, ebanking εφαρμογές, διαδικτυακές εφαρμογές eBooking για ξενοδοχεία, διαδικτυακές πλατφόρμες eLearning, εφαρμογές eGambling για διαδικτυακά καζίνο και καταστήματα ΟΠΑΠ και διαδικτυακές πλατφόρμες eRealEstate για μεσίτες ακινήτων.

Ιδανικά Αποτελέσματα

Διαθέτω τις ικανότητες και τεχνογνωσία ώστε να μεγαλώσω μία μικρή επιχείρηση, να της αυξάσω τη δημοτικότητά της, την επισκεψιμότητά της και κατ'επέκταση το τζίρο της.

Ακόμα, εφόσον το επιθυμεί ο ιδιοκτήτης της επιχείρησης, μπορώ να πετύχω επιθυμητή τιμή πώλησης της, χρησιμοποιώντας τις γνωριμίες μου και το προσωπικό μου δίκτυο που αριθμεί περισσότερους από 100 ξένους επενδυτές/funds.